Wednesday, January 23rd, 8:00 am – 10:00 am


This presentation focuses on mechanical codes applicable to residential construction and home inspections with common installation issues found in typical inspections.  There is a brief discussion of the inspection requirements of ASHI and CRIEA SOPs.

The class will include both the 2018 IMC and 2018 UMC Code requirements, with an emphasis on changes from the previous code cycle.

There will be discussion of the importance of the manufacturers installation requirements and how proper installation impacts operational safety and compliance with the codes.  Illustrations from various manufacturers, Code Check and photos are used throughout to better communicate manufacturer’s requirements and installation issues.

Class is approved by ICC.


Skip Walker

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Skip Walker is an ASHI Certified Inspector, a CREIA Master Inspector, CREIA Inspector Fellow, an ICC-Certified Combination Residential Building Inspector, an ICC-Certified California Combination Residential Building Inspector, a FIRE-Certified Fireplace Inspector and co-author of the Code Check© series.  He has presented at a number of local, state and national ASHI and CREIA conferences.  Walker has served in numerous capacities for CREIA and ASHI, and was written extensively on smoke alarms, CO issues and general inspection issues.  He is the recipient of the 2014 ASHI Philip C. Monahan Award, the 2014 ASHI President's Award, the 2014 CREIA John Daly Award, the 2017 CREIA Inspector Fellow and was named the 2011 CREIA Inspector of the Year.  Skip's home has ONLY photoelectric alarms installed.