Tuesday, January 22nd, 9:00 am – 11:00 am


A basic understanding of science and engineering reveals how a home should perform and helps identify problems. This seminar describes the scientific basis of principles such as dew point, condensation, stress, compression, polarity, ton of cooling, capillary action and energy. We’ll look at practical, scientific explanations of building practices and products, including drip cap, air conditioning, condensation, moisture damage, leaks, wattage, energy units like BTU and calorie – and the list goes on. You’ll see practical science on display, with illustrations and real-life home inspection pictures.


Tom Feiza, ACI


Tom Feiza, ACI, is a registered professional engineer (PE, BSME) with more than 40 years of construction, inspection and engineering experience. He’s known as “Mr. Fix-It” to loyal readers, weekly radio listeners and home show audiences.  During the week, Tom Feiza is an ASHI member and home inspector with more than 25 years and 9,000 inspections under his belt.  He has written books and developed over 1,800+ illustrations on homes: How To Operate Your Home (Series), Quick Tips and Home Systems Illustrated. He works as a legal expert witness. Tom has made numerous technical presentations for home inspectors at national and local conventions.