Monday, January 21st, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


 This session will cover some of the more esoteric things home inspectors deal with and a few things perhaps they should embrace. It will explain why we should: measure voltage, check for dead-legs, understand 208-volt systems, check for amperage on ground wires, stick voltage testers in swimming pools, understand the limitations of laser thermometers, test expansion tanks for proper pressure, know the difference between egress and escape and rescue, and understand why fresh water is more dangerous than salt water for electric shock. All these things will help the inspector provide better value to their client.


Charles Buell, ACI


Charles Buell, ACI, was a design build general contractor for 33 years, focusing on passive solar super-insulated homes, custom-built cabinets and other custom woodwork.  A duplex he designed and built won a $10,000 award from the state of New York in 1979. Charles has been a home inspector for 14 years, licensed structural pest inspector. He teaches the Electrical, Plumbing and Building Science portions of the Residential Home Inspection course at Bellingham Technical College.  Charles is on the ASHI Technical Review Committee, and is a past chair and is currently in his second three-year term on the Washington State Home Inspector Advisory Licensing Board.