Monday, January 21st, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm


This course will teach inspectors how to turn complaints into positive interactions that lead to truly satisfied customers. First, we will address complaints as they would happen, and how to investigate and resolve the complaint. Then, we will focus on best practices that can stop complaints before they happen. This course will not focus on litigation or insurance claims, but rather the day-to-day frustrations of clients and realtors that every inspector eventually confronts. Inspectors should feel comfortable with complaints and how to successfully move forward when one happens.


Brian Eisenman


Brian Eisenman joined BPG in 2003, and has served in Customer Service, Recruiting, Operations, Acquisitions, Risk Management, Claims Management, and Field Management. Since 2007, Brian has been the Risk Management Director for all of BPG. During the last decade, Brian has managed worker’s compensation claims ranging from the simple splinter to a severe head injury. Brian and BPG continue to enhance and train their existing team to learn from past experiences, and to work to avoid future injuries. Brian also has been responsible for overseeing the Field Management Operations across all of BPG’s markets nationwide since 2009.