Monday, January 21st, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Homeowners are becoming increasingly concerned about earthquake hazards. Los Angeles recently announced its “Resilience by Design” program to upgrade buildings for future earthquakes, which will include a “building rating system.” The Oregon legislature is considering mandating that home inspectors report whether houses are vulnerable to earthquakes. The California Earthquake Authority will soon need inspectors to verify earthquake upgrades qualify for insurance rate reductions. Where will trained inspectors come from?

Attendees learn how earthquakes damage wood-framed buildings, what structural features are most vulnerable and effective strengthening measures. Since inspectors often find defective installations, common defects are also covered. The presentation includes many photos.


Thor Matteson, S.E.


Thor Matteson, S.E., has practiced structural engineering for 25 years.  Since 2009, he has specialized in residential earthquake strengthening designs in the San Francisco Bay Area and has designed strengthening systems for more than 150 homes.  Mr. Matteson wrote the just-published, 270-page book, “Earthquake Strengthening for Vulnerable Homes,” and in 2012 co-wrote “QuakeCheck” with ASHI member Paul Rude.  Thor has worked on three FEMA-funded projects related to protecting residences from earthquake damage.  He has presented seminars on earthquake strengthening to the Golden Gate and Silicon Valley chapters of ASHI, and received the 2014 Affiliate of the Year award from Golden Gate ASHI.