Tuesday, January 22nd, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Ventilation is used to manage moisture and temperature in attics and crawlspaces, yet most ventilation is undersized and poorly incorporated. As many as four different trades must coordinate on a new home to properly ventilate the attic. A lack of coordination results in most attics being poorly ventilated. While attics and crawlspaces are physically connected to a home, the air, moisture and pollutants in these spaces should not be exchanged with the rest of the home. The attic and crawlspace ventilation must be separate from the ventilation that provides fresh air to the living space.


Joe Konopacki, ACI


Joe Konopacki, ACI, is a licensed home inspector, RESNET Rater and BPI Proctor with 20 years of experience in construction, remodeling, inspection and diagnostic testing. Since founding Insight Property Services, Inc. in 2009, Joe has inspected and tested hundreds of homes and trained dozens of individuals as BPI-certified professionals. Joe's educational sessions prepare consultants and contractors to perform high-quality testing and retrofit work that measurably improve the comfort, efficiency and air quality of homes.