Tuesday, January 22nd, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


This presentation is based on the home inspection profession’s best practices. It will expand the inspector’s knowledge to improve professional skills and explore emerging issues relevant to the profession.

Real photos of defects relating to actual inspections in the field will be shown and discussed. The follow-up slide will show the terminology used to report the findings and finally, the action required by a skilled professional to repair or replace the defect. We will review120 slides: 60 with defects and a slide for each with report statements.


Harris Breit, ACI


Harris Breit, ACI, is a Master Electrician and licensed electrical contractor with more than 50 years of electrical and 25 years of inspection experience. He’s been trained and certified in the following: high/medium-voltage installations and splicing, low-voltage installations, electrical design for residential and commercial installations, rigging, motors and controller circuits.


Bryck Guibor, ACI


Bryck Guibor, ACI, is a custom homebuilder who is involved in historic renovations. He has 40 years of experience as a home and building inspector. He works as an expert witness in construction-related court cases and is the author of a book on home inspector training. Bryck is a Past-President of AZ ASHI Chapter, and has served on the ASHI Board of Directors and several committees.