Tuesday, January 22nd, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or Drones, are going to revolutionize the way people conduct business and carry out operational tasks in various industries. Drones are set to become a vital tool for home inspection by making it easier, faster, cheaper and safer to conduct aerial inspections. Long gone are the days of climbing on potentially weakened structures or spending days inspecting one property or building. DARTdrones aims to go over the benefits, costs and various legal, operational and resource considerations for incorporating drones into their business through 25 steps that are crucial to implementing drones into any corporate or small business program.


Abby Speicher Carroll


Abby Speicher Carroll is the CEO and Founder of DARTdrones, a drone training and consulting company with a presence in more than 40 cities nationwide. DARTdrones has trained more than 4,000 pilots, including those from major broadcast networks, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, Abby successfully pitched DARTdrones on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Abby began her entrepreneurial journey when she was 17 years old, founding a social enterprise that is now run as Aya Fair Trade. With her first company, Abby won first place in Westminster’s Opportunity Quest Business Plan Competition, as well as the award for Best Business Plan in Utah’s Entrepreneurial Challenge.

Abby founded DARTdrones while earning her MBA at Babson College. She was awarded first place in Babson’s annual B.E.T.A. Business Plan Competition, first place at the TecBridge Business Plan Competition and the Class of 2015’s Entrepreneurship Award. In 2017, Abby was also awarded Babson’s Rising Star Award.